Performance Marketing: Bombay Stock Exchange Institute

How we ran lead generation campaigns on social media platforms to targeted niche users and generate high intent leads economically


Bombay Stock Exchange Institute, a wholly-owned subsidiary of Bombay Stock Exchange wanted a performance marketing agency who could help them generate leads for their multiple courses for users belonging to diverse backgrounds right from data science enthusiasts to college graduates. They were looking for marketing partners who have proven expertise running campaigns for diverse user bases with high success rate.


We had to generate leads for 6 different certificate programs ranging from certificate programs for cyber security to short term programs (12-hour courses) on financial markets. Due to the diverse backgrounds we had to focus on creating a customized plan for each campaign as a “one-size-fits-all” approach will be fatal. 

The Solution

We used our team’s favourite collaboration platform Miro to create a complete step of the validation process for our campaign right from creating the buyer persona to creating the ad set strategy. We divided the budget into 3 stages so that we could generate results while keeping the costs low, we ran 20% of the campaign on our strategies that we thought will generate the best results while keeping track of feedback from the sales team in order to understand customer insights and specially low conversion customer base so that we can optimize them. After the first stage we had a target audience base that were delivering positive results so we focussed on reducing the CPL (cost per lead) while generating the same quality or higher quality results, after attaining the desired results we increased the budget for the campaign in order to generate higher volume of leads at lower costs.

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