content development services

"Content is King" so are you treating him well?

content development services

All the low conversion rates and less impression points out to the simple fact that audiences nowadays have become blind to advertisements and why wouldn’t they we have made every free space available for marketing, so what can a brand do to reach out to new audiences, engage with them and build the level of trust in order to make them buy their products? The answer is simple, GREAT CONTENT.

Great content enables brands to reach out to their audiences in a way that that is not or at least less obtrusive for example through a weekly newsletter sharing details about the newest trends and information, a blog about a topic about which they would like to know more or even a explainer video about a complex concept. So what do you call a GREAT CONTENT? Content that your audiences find engaging, informational and valuable for themselves, these kind of content makes sure the audience comes back for more or even be interested in your product.

Content is an extension of a brand and every content that you post gives a lot more information about a brand than you think of, so brands need to leverage content to build better customer experience, drive engagement, reach out to their audiences and nudge them to at least try out your service.

Content marketing provides conversion rates that are 6 times better than other digital marketing channels, do you need more reasons to start your content marketing journey? 

Blog Posts
B2B marketers (75%) are more likely to use blogs in their social media content than B2C (61%)
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More than half (59%) would avoid doing business with a company who made obvious spelling or grammar mistakes
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Vernacular Ads
According to recent statistics, 66% of India’s literate population consumer content in their local language
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Website Content
60% of decision makers say branded content helps them make better product decisions
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Internal Communication
Leads to a 40 percent increase in customer satisfaction, a 30 percent increase in profitability, and a 36 percent increase in the overall performance of a company
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Press Release
Press releases highlighting the successes and advancements made by your company can be powerful tools for attracting investors.
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