M+ Packages

Startup Package

Startup package has been specifically developed for early stage companies or companies who want to start their digital journey. We have included all the essential elements that would enables startups to reach out to their audience and grow their business

Social media presence is critical for startups. Our startup package includes all the essentials in order to kick start the digital journey

A new company has to make sure that they are ready to compete with their established rivals, our SEO package includes all the basic features that makes sure our clients can rank better than their established competitors

Email has been the age old tried & tested marketing channel which not only helps you reach out to new clients but also engages with your existing ones in order to provide a seamless branded experience

For any new company having a website is critical in order to showcase themselves to the world that they have arrived but also a medium of communication for all that is them

We understand as a new company you don’t have the necessary resources or even the time to ideate, plan and create content that is distinctively YOU. Our provide all the necessary designing services that enable you to personify your brand

Content is most critical factor that makes or breaks a company, a great content ensures that you send across the right signals to the audience as its most of the times the first thing your audience sees. We ensure its the best!

Influencer marketing is the current buzzword in marketing spheres because of how distinctive it is but also because of the business impact it has, we ensure to find the right influencers to ensure you reach the right audience and gain your audience’s confidence

Growth Package

Growth package has been developed for enterprises who have started their digital journey & have a validated business model but are facing issues in terms of scaling up, reaching out to new audiences & more importantly generating better ROI

You have a social presence where your audience interacts with you, now what? You need to your social media platform to not only be a source of information but also a source of new customers who purchase your products & services. We ensure your social media platforms attract, engage and convert more & more audiences

You have established your business and have a lot of clients who are satisfied with your business but now what? You need a steady stream of people who find out that you exist and know why you are better. Our SEO services for Growth stage companies ensures you have a steady flow of traffic, who visit, explore, convert & stay!

You have a steady base of customers who you need to inform about the latest updates, reach out to new audiences and engage the existing customers with content that makes them come back. Our email package for Growth stage companies includes all the bells & whistles along with the complete essentials.

What if we tell you that anytime your audience goes to buy a product similar to yours the first brand they see is yours, sounds too good? Google Adwords ensures that anytime your audience search for anything on Google you are the one on top of the mind (& search results)

Developing a mobile application is no easy task, there are a lot of applications in the market but how do you ensure yours is the one preferred by audiences. At M+, we believe in creating an app but in creating an experience for your audiences

We all know how a single negative review, comment, feedback or rumor can tarnish an individuals life, the same goes for your brand. In the times of ratings & reviews all it takes is a single negative comment to lose not only your brand image but sales.

Social media is a big part of everyone’s life, its a constant source of information but what if we told you that you can learn not only about the pulse of your brand & your competitors in the market but also gain important insights that would enable you to tackle present & future issues

We all know the feeling when you head back home after a long day at work and all you want to do is relax but then a client calls? What do you do? What if you had a robot engage with the client, take all his details & even share some information so that you don’t lose a lead. Enter Chatbots

How Do We Do It?

Continuous Planning
Continuous Testing
Continuous Optimization