M+ Approach

What is Marketing+ ?

Marketing+ has been created with an intent to bring the latest Marktech solutions for startups & enterprises in India. We want to combine the latest in marketing technology with focus on our 4+’s namely

· Communication

· Automation

· Optimization

· Analytics

Each factors plays an important part in M+ approach to problem solving, we believe that brands in India deserve the best of technology stack combined the best human creativity & ingenuity to solve their problems. We believe the M+ approach of constantly analzying, monitoring & testing will give you the desired results.

What is our intent?

Our intent is to utilize the M+ approach to solve everyday as well as pressing problems that our brands face be it in Marketing, Sales or Team Management. We believe by constantly analyzing, monitoring & testing we can understand more about the problem as well as the factors affecting the same.

Who are we?

We are a bunch of marketing & technology enthusiasts brought together with a singular aim to bring the latest in technology and combining it with human ingenuity to build a unique & distinctive journey for our brands.

What do we want to achieve?

We believe in spite of being brands in similar industry every brand has a problem that is effecting them in a certain way & a one size fits all approach doesn’t work that’s why we create tailor made solutions for each brand keeping in mind their specific goals, budget, target audience, industry & a multitude of factors. In a complex market like ours, we need to combine the best practices from all cross and keep optimizing them for each client to find that sweet spot that every brand aspires achieve.

How Do We Do It?

Continuous Planning
Continuous Testing
Continuous Optimization

Let us help you kickstart your journey!